Red & blue joy-cons? Or matte finish bruises?

Depicted in this image, aside from the reflection of nascent forehead acne, is one of the first release models of a Nintendo Switch.

I distinctly remember the night I made that purchase in late March of 2017. Only one was left in…

“Prithee, please.” The archaeologist bids to the butler.

Except, in spite of being set in the appropriate era for cant, “prithee” is not the word of usage. The Suffolk twang that Fiennes uses may sound as such, even if only to avid linguists or word nerds like myself.

However, the…

After being transported to Yahar’gul, The Unseen Village, you take a left downstairs, encountering a cowering nun, murmuring orisons.

If the player is not adorned in Church Garb, including Gascoigne’s attire, the nun will not respond, instead continuing the fearful recitation.

Returning with the attire familiar to her, she will…

Can you stomach this?

You’ve finished your breakfast just in time to leave for work. A light meal of 5.3 ounces of yoghurt, one clementine and approximately 4 ounces of water as a reward for your daily workout session.

By the time lunch arrives, you will have digested 15 grams…

An authority on hydrophobic policies.

A dry sink is a dry mouth.

Diminish the generation of saliva and the mouth weakens in its ability to function. It ceases to break down food properly, desisting from the process of digestion.

Solids and liquids alike must work in accord with the enzymes of salivary production, facilitating the…

Number 16 Bus Shelter


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